Shareholders and Board of Directors

Urban Vision was established in Rome in 2004 by Gianluca De Marchi, Fabio Mazzoni, and Daniela Valenza.

The Board of Directors is composed of the founding partners:

  • Gianluca De Marchi, Chief Executive Officer
  • Fabio Mazzoni, Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Daniela Valenza, Board Member.

In addition to the Board of Directors, there is also an Audit Committee made up of three standing members and two alternates. There is also a Statutory Auditor, which is identified in the company Deloitte & Touche S.p.A.

Corporate Structure

  • Cross Adv Srl Urban Vision SpA 100%
  • Urban Vision LTD Urban Vision SpA 100%
  • Urban Vision EspaƱa Urban Vision SpA 100%
  • Urban Vision SA Urban Vision SpA 100%
  • Filmvision s.r.l. 51%
  • Ekuity S.r.l. 100%

Organizational Model, Code of Ethics, and Whistleblowing

Urban Vision S.p.A. has established its own Organizational, Management, and Control Model pursuant to the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 231 of June 8, 2001, as amended (the Model). Through the adoption and subsequent updating of the Model, the Company aimed to strengthen its internal control system, ensuring compliance with the requirements of integrity and transparency, and equipping itself with a protective tool in the event of crimes that entail the administrative liability of the Company.

The Model adopted is the result of specific analyses concerning the organization and the activities carried out by the Company, in line with best practices in the field and considering the specifics of the sector to which it belongs, as well as the so-called “guidelines” of Confindustria (the main association representing manufacturing and service companies in Italy).

As required by law, the Company has appointed its own Supervisory Body, which is tasked with overseeing the correct functioning of the Model and taking care of its update and proper application. An integral part of the Model is the Code of Ethics, which collects a set of rules aimed at ensuring that the behavior of the recipients, including collaborators and suppliers, is always inspired by criteria of fairness, cooperation, loyalty, transparency, and mutual respect, as well as avoiding conducts that could constitute the crimes and administrative offenses included in the list of D.Lgs. 231/2001.

As described in the Model, any employee, former employee, job applicant, partner, client, supplier, consultant, collaborator, and, more generally, anyone with a legitimate interest in Urban Vision can submit a report, even anonymously, provided it is sufficiently detailed and with enough information to allow the verification of the reported facts (e.g., elements that allow identifying the involved parties, the context, the location, and the time period of the reported facts, and supporting documentation).

For this purpose, a report can be sent via:

  • email, using the address;
  • regular mail, sent in a sealed envelope addressed to the Supervisory Body to: Urban Vision SpA, Viale Aventino, 80 – 00153 Rome;
  • online platform, accessible through the link

Reports are received by the Supervisory Body, which also handles the relevant investigation. Within 7 days from receipt, a communication acknowledging the receipt of the report will be sent, and within 3 months from such notice, feedback will be provided on the follow-up given or intended to be given to the report.

Legislative Decree of March 10, 2023, No. 24 (transposing the European Directive 2019/1937 on Whistleblowing) introduced a uniform regulation of reporting channels and protections recognized to whistleblowers in both the public and private sectors. Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed for the whistleblower, the facilitator, and the people involved in the report. In the case of anonymous reports, it is not possible to trace the identity of the whistleblower.

No form of personal or professional retaliation is allowed or tolerated as a result of the report made.

Any processing of personal data is carried out by the Company in compliance with data protection regulations.