Urban Reel

Born from an idea by Gianluca De Marchi (CEO of Urban Vision) and Manuela Cacciamani (CEO of One More Pictures), and inspired by a group of visionaries passionate about technology, art, and urban planning, UrbanReel aspires to reinvent the fabric of city dynamics, turning urban space into a crossroads of encounters, expressions and play.

Our mission unfolds on two fronts: on one hand, we aim to elevate urban daily life by transforming ordinary moments into opportunities filled with fun and knowledge; on the other hand, we strive to offer businesses and institutions an innovative communication channel that, through the possibilities offered by digital out-of-home (DOOH), reaches the audience in a direct and engaging manner.

Pioneers of urban entertainment

In 2024, Urbanreel commits to bringing innovation to the field of urban entertainment, generating a range of dynamic content from cutting-edge entertainment such as digital art performances and virtual concerts, to creating promotional videos in 2D, 3D, and augmented reality (AR). These contents will not only aim to capture the attention of viewers but will also encourage them to actively engage with the urban environment, significantly enriching the city living experience.

Innovative Strategies for an Interactive Future

Urbanreel’s strategy to attract and engage the audience is based on the adaptability of content to the different formats and specifications of urban displays, thus ensuring unparalleled visual quality. Our creative laboratory, along with the analysis of real-time feedback, allows us to continually update our offerings, keeping public interest and engagement high. Identifying new talents and managing strategic collaborations are fundamental pillars for expanding our proposal and keeping Urbanreel at the forefront of innovation.