TIM and URBAN VISION: Real-time adaptive advertising on digital billboards is here

Collaboration is strengthened between the two groups following the launch of the new booths thanks to a partnership aiming to offer companies innovative data-driven services.

For the first time in Italy, TIM and Urban Vision Group implement a solution characterised by innovation in digital outdoor billboard (Digital Out of Home) advertising. The billboard advertising campaigns display content that dynamically adapts to the type of people in the area, by using, in real time, anonymous, aggregated data collected by TIM’s mobile network in compliance with current regulations.

This is the first example of a collaboration between two groups that use an open innovation model to leverage their respective expertise in order to offer corporate clients data-driven services. The initiative begins with digital advertising and may subsequently extend into other sectors. The partnership, following the one to create the new digital booths, intends to seize on the opportunities provided by data analytics, a tool capable of supporting companies during the digital transformation currently underway and generating value at the same time.

Specifically, the first implementation of the project was at Largo di Torre Argentina in Rome, one of the capital’s most visited squares, where a digital billboard displayed advertising campaigns that adapted to the people actually passing through the area at the time (Real-Time Out of Home targeted advertising). Leveraging the data collected allows Urban Vision – a creative-tech media company – to carry out much more effective campaign planning for advertisers than the solutions available on the market to date, adapting messages in real time to the characteristics of the public for truly contextual content consumption.

The initiative is part of the integrated Smart City model promoted by TIM, which aims to create services dedicated to promoting urban spaces, capable of offering innovative solutions to companies and end customers. The project is also part of Urban Vision’s plan for innovation in urban communication in order to transform cities into increasingly stimulating and inclusive places, creating engaging experiences designed to bring value to the whole community and make urban life more vibrant and dynamic.

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